Reimprinting Your Memory to Be the Master of Your Life

Reimprinting Your Memory to Be the Master of Your Life

The Eutaptics System brings the focus of healing so much on memories because they play a very important role on how we form reactions to our current environment and most importantly how we develop behaviors.

We hold within us so much power to change our life and change the lives of other people. The problems we hold are vibrating in our minds as much as our strengths vibrate. However, memories of past painful experiences often take a more dominant control over our mental patterns causing us problems.

Every reaction we form is the sum total of how our mind formulated an output. This happens so rapidly our conscious mind sometimes cannot keep up and will just remain obedient to what the subconscious/unconscious dictates valid and true.

In learning how you can reimprint the memories that your mind clings as the truth, you become closer to mastering your life. We are all powerful beings with the ability to transform our lives, heal our past and be healers of others as well.

Time, technology and other belief systems worked against us in so many ways. Over time we became deluded with so many false beliefs as we continue to subscribe to ideas that does not benefit us.

The ground rules about memories and reimprinting them Robert Smith explains. from Eutaptics on Vimeo.


We are all gifted with unique abilities to achieve abundance and thrive within our environment. However, we continue to see life in scarcity because of how we are trained to use our minds, generations after generations, we lose our ability to really choose happiness over drama. We lose our ability to really understand wellness and not sickness.

We open our eyes and immediately look for what is wrong and what resonates pain and suffering. This is very obvious when you come to understand why so many people are so caught up in the news.

But this is the ripe time and age, we are slowly entering the age of realization and let go of those mindsets that limited our own individual progress as well as the society at large.

Regain Your Control Through Memory Reimprinting

Regain your power by breaking old habits. Understand that those habits are formed with a collection of memories your mind holds as reference of proof on how the world works.

You can break that habit, no matter how mildly or severely it is affecting your life, let go of the memory that you attribute emotional and sentimental value to, they no longer serve their purpose and in fact, the very rock that holds you down.

Traumas, fears, pains are all suffering dressed differently. Suffering is all rooted within the mind, suffering is fueled by your memories leaning on the negative mindsets. Suffering is the very network of thoughts that creates the structure of your problems.

Liberate yourself from suffering, redefine the value of your memories by reimprinting them. Let go. Again, breath and let go.

Begin Memory Reimprinting – Transform Your Life with Eutaptics

“Transform Your Life with Eutaptics” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of Eutaptics including the Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the Eutaptics tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the Eutaptics tapping process by Robert Smith. Get full course description here.

The Past Has No Bearing to Your Future

The past is not actual. The past is no longer here, you cannot touch the past, you cannot taste the past, and you cannot change the past. Clinging to the past is actually allowing fiction to take over your reality. As you do, your mind and emotions focus more on that memory making it seem real, making the pain seem real and ultimately making you relive your drama over and over again.

Clinging to the past deludes the mind making you unable to see happy moments unfolding or wonderful open opportunities.

Our problems caused by the memories clinging to the past makes us forget our inner abilities, making us feel stuck in the moment and unable to find that missing piece. In reality, it is all within our minds. That is why Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is able to redefine people’s lives allowing them to polish their abilities again and realign their thoughts to live a purposeful life.

What is Next?

Learn to let go. There is an upcoming Eutaptics Seminar that will teach you how to efficiently break free from the dramas of the past by reimprinting your memories.Never miss an update from Robert Smith, join the official Eutaptics Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

Robert G. Smith continues to provide unparalleled information about positive life transformation through his YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and join about 10 Million viewers to the path of happiness.

Learn from hundreds of blog post on how you can improve your life at Eutaptics Main Blog and Eutaptics Medium Publication.

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