Reimprinting the Memories of Grief and Loss Through Eutaptics

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting techniques are highly effective with very slim chance of re-traumatizing an individual in its application. Grief and loss are among the most difficult life problems an individual may encounter. Losing someone or something you care and love deeply about is very painful.

Eutaptics believes that grieving is a normal reaction of the mind and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. However, there are healthier ways to cope, especially for people whose coping mechanisms takes a longer time to accept the loss, they might develop unhealthy habits during the grieving process that make them feel even more stuck and hopeless.

Grieving is a Coping Mechanism

Grieving may be seen as a coping mechanism on its own, the processes and ways of grieving varies from one person to another. Because each individual is equipped with unique coping skills that are directly withdrawn from the imprints of the mind.

Grieving is a natural response when you lose the something or someone very important to you. An emotional suffering that can take an individual’s focus on things that matter most as the mind continue to adjust.

Any loss may cause grief, the intensity and influence of grieving over someone’s life will vary depending on the emotions attached to an object, event or person. That is why losing a loved one is among the most intense type of grief.

In other words, the more significant the loss, the more intense grieving will be. Grieving is a personal and individual experience that can take from short period to as long as years.

A person who is unable to cope quicker will definitely experience some major negative impact in life and health. That is why it is important that grief and loss are addressed among individuals who somehow developed a psychological trauma after losing someone or something.

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Reimprinting the Memories Associated with Loss

FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting is a powerful mental healing process that can provide resolution to grief and loss. The most impressive impact of Memory Reimprinting is in identification of the memory with highest frequency. In other words, in grieving, the memories with intense emotions are those that causes the most pain.

The mind is an interlinked network of thoughts and mental patterns creating structures of either joy, happiness, pain or sorrow. We process information through the emotions attached with the thoughts, in reimprinting memories with highest emotional frequency you can collapse the whole structure of mental patterns contributing to the structure of grief.

This does not mean erasing all the memories associated with the person or thing. It is reimprinting a new version of the memory where happier or neutral emotions may be withdrawn. Meaning the next time, the memory of the person or thing that was lost is provoked, the mind will no longer create or “fire” mental patterns causing pain or grief.

Why? Because you are able to release and reimprint better feeling emotions over that memory from where pain or grief is produced.

In accepting that we are the producers of our problems and not another person or thing outside our minds, we can retrain our coping skills to adapt into healthier responses. Otherwise, questioning reality all the time and feeling like a victim will only cause an individual to be trapped into negative thinking. This can result for the mind to take longer in the grieving process.

Grief and Loss Online Certification Course

This course is for anyone who wants to work on their own pain of loss and it is also required course for fully certified Eutaptics practitioners. Since almost every person has grief and loss issues. It does not mean the death of someone but an ending of a period of life or unwanted changes. You will find real transformation of your own life by following this course and doing the exercises. As a practitioner helping people to make peace in this one area will bring much reward because the changes are big especially with the Integration process. Get the full course description here.

The Frequencies of Emotions Charging Memories are Unstable

It is important that we understand the emotions charging thoughts and memories are very unstable. Often it is influenced by time. Meaning the longer the loss has been, the less painful it becomes because of the intensity of the emotions drops as new experiences are introduced to the mind.

However, in cases of losing a relationship, long-time lovers or a much-loved pet, time may become counterproductive in healing. The longer the loss, the deeper the pain can be. This is because the mind has adapted to routines and the amount of memories shared with the person or thing is encoded with depth combined with extreme emotions.

This can make every waking moment a misery because the person is mentally programmed to function with the other. Given the intensity of emotions attached to the loss, it doesn’t mean it is the end and the person is hopeless to bounce from grief.

Should time fail to heal all wounds, applying Eutaptics grief specific techniques or seeking the help of a master practitioner to reimprint memories can help release the emotions faster. Without the powerful negative emotions attached to a memory or thought, the mind is allowed to recover quickly and the body also follows.

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  • December 5, 2016