Reimprinting Your Memories Causing Sexual Issues

memory reimprinting sexual issues

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is a leading-edge technique that has helped thousands of people recover from sexual issues. “Sexual issues” is a very broad term that can pertain to a lengthy list of chronic and acute sexual disorders with physical symptoms such as inability to perform sexually and others. But Robert, upon building the Eutaptics Thinking System, does not really subscribe to the idea of disorders as it is popularly known to medical science or energy healing systems.

A disorder is viewed as a coping mechanism by the mind to provide and signal comfort and safety. Meaning, it is a skill that we developed that often results to physical symptoms due to its emotional intensity. But all it is for the mind is functioning normally to cope as it draws reference from memories of previous experiences.

Reframing the Conventional View of Sexual Disorders

Robert always mention that we are functioning perfectly according to the records we hold within the mind. The subconscious and the unconscious mind is the powerhouse of thoughts wherein all our conscious choices are plugged in. It is what fuels our abilities to act, react, overreact and identify all current and incoming experiences.

There is a big chance that people suffering from sexual disorders are actively drawing reference from a traumatic experience when the idea of sex is evoked. Because of this they have the tendency to either resort to disposing the idea of sex completely or their bodies begin to manifest symptoms of a sexual disorder.

The reason behind this is because the conscious mind and the body are very obedient to the unconscious and subconscious. In other words, if you are to map our physical behavior, there is no doubt that it is linked to a memory of a previous experience.

Meaning all our choices are influenced by the memories stored within the subconscious. Whether we are aware or not, we immediately draw references used as filters to help us interpret what is going on in our environment.

For people who had once experienced a traumatic experience, whether perceived or real, gaining sexual appetite might be a challenge for the mind automatically finds a way to avoid the idea thinking that it might harm the body. When in fact, in most cases, there is no actual threat, but the mental patterns forming the structure is how the mind operates within the view of “reality.”


The Practical Solution is Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

To provide not only a temporary relief to any sexual disorder, it is important that whatever is causing the sexual issue is resolved. Providing resolution to sexual issues is the main goal of Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting.

Without the interlinked network of ideas based on the memories of traumatic or unpleasant experiences when the idea of sex is evoked. The person can be freed from any form of sexual disorder. Through memory reimprinting, anyone can collapse the structure forming the issue and reimprint memories to be linked to incoming experiences.

Because the body and the conscious mind is obedient to the subconscious, memory reimprinting works with the subconscious level. It dissolves the trances that we inhibit causing negative thinking and behavior so that we can positively or neutrally react in life.

Meaning as you give your mind a new stance on how to interpret the idea of “sex”, your body will naturally react and be able to perform if aroused.

Need Help Reimprinting a Very Bad Memory?

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  • November 30, 2016