Reimprinting the Matrix of Failure Mindsets

As you go through your daily life, problems can easily drain the happiness right out of you. Without being able to sustain happiness because of the problems striking you from all directions, it is no wonder why you might begin to feel like a failure.

What is it that creates a failure mindset and how do you stop feeling like a failure? The short answer is, memories. Memories make up the most of where your mental patterns with supercharged emotions are drawn.

The basis in which you see the future or decide on your current moment is based on the stored memories you hold within your mind. The matrix of your mind or the environment in which your mental patterns thrive is not in a permanent condition.

It is subject to change, and with proper techniques like Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting, you can transform your failure mindsets and allow you to align with abundance and happiness.

04 Robert Smith explains the to key points of memory reimprinting,

the Primary Principle of the mind what are primary Imprints? from Eutaptics on Vimeo.

Feeling Like a Failure

People suffering from a failure mindset often sees nothing positive about their lives. Or they may feel happy but unable to sustain the happiness and result to feeling like a failure all the time. Often, they begin to feel guilty about their presence in a relationship.

Their careers don’t measure up to their expectations. Simply, nothing is the way they wish life would be. Disappointments, frustrations and other negative emotions about self begins to dominate their lives and begin to make them feel limited.

In Eutaptics, this “feeling” is not real, it is a creation of the mind after so many years of training it to feel and think that way. There are no broken people in the Eutaptics belief system and there is also no failure.

There are however people who gets stuck on a failure mindset based which creates the feelings of failure.

Overcoming Failure

To overcome failure means you need to overcome the source of where the failure mindset is formed. In other words, you can try as hard as you can to “will” your mind into thinking more positive, but with the presence of memories of failure and past mistakes and the emotions they carry, you will always remain stuck. In some cases, people, might see a substantial growth until the memory is triggered and they go spiraling down the drain.

Why is this? Because it is easier to give into a failure mindset that build a success mindset.


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Giving up seems a better choice for some people because they are mentally programmed that way. Escaping reality and the hardships that accompanies it is an easier choice. This is the structure of a failure mindset. To give up and escape without really finding a resolution when problems arise.

However, the memory that fuels failure mindsets can be reimprinted, in other words, the mind can be reprogrammed. You cannot however build an abundance mindset without first collapsing and reimprinting the matrix in which the failure mindset resides.

Only Eutaptics can change the game of mindsets through memory reimprinting, it is a powerful process that can hack through the mind and uproot the cause of the problem which holds intense emotions.

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  • December 20, 2016