Reasons Behind the Success of Memory Reimprinting Using Eutaptics

fastereft memory reimprinting

The reason behind Robert Gene Smith’s success of memory reimprinting is because it has shown people that it works. While other forms of memory reimprinting exists out there, they operate in belief systems that are not as straightforward and effective as Eutaptics.

Matrix Reimprinting for example, is very good and one of a kind, but their approach to dealing with ECHOs (which is almost similar to Trances in Eutaptics) kind of makes it hard for people to comprehend. ECHOs in Matrix Reimprinting represents the fragment of self that gets trapped in time within the “Matrix” right after a traumatic experience. Resolution of issues occurs once these ECHOs has been calmed and individually resolved. These ECHOs are real energies that exists apart from you, just not dense enough to physically manifest.

Not that there is something wrong with the theory, but the Eutaptics belief system simply does not subscribe to the idea. The reason behind this is because Eutaptics is not entirely an energy system but operates with down-to-earth logic and tangible physical mechanics.

fastereft reimprinting

The core of Eutaptics believes that we are creators of our own reality, our conscious choices, judgment and decisions are formed through the structure of beliefs with foundations from the subconscious. We are a complete being and while traumatic experiences can be devastating, it cannot split or shatter you into many pieces. Nothing gets trapped somewhere or anywhere.

However, a new structure of beliefs that ultimately results to behavioral and mental patterns will eventually rise because our mind learned to cling to these memories of trauma. For the mind, it provides “proof” of how the world works.

Eutaptics has a Complete Understanding of the“Interdependence of Experiences”

Everything in the mind is dependent to a record coming from previous experiences that it holds valid and true. This is ultimately how you became who you say you are and why you have a set of choices and morals very different from your parents and siblings. Because you are the recorder of your own experiences. You cannot ask someone to experience something for you.

In other words, you know that an ice cream is cold because you have experienced eating an ice cream. For someone who hasn’t, they might just process it as an image of food, but they hold no presumptions about how it feels in the mouth, texture and taste.

The same is true in everything we experience in life, we think we are making conscious choices all the time, but we don’t, we are in and out of trances all the time. You know you shouldn’t touch the fire because you will get burned, it happens the instant you are exposed to fire. It’s your instinct and intelligence that tells you so. Meaning our intelligence must be structured from our previous experiences.

And we react this way in almost anything in life, basing our decisions from previous moments, and if you ask the Eutaptics belief system, those problems, joy, ideas of happiness and sorrow, be it positive, neutral or negative thoughts are all coming from how we structured the mind.

Anger for example, we can all agree that everyone has the tendency to be angry, but how one person reacts when anger is triggered may be totally different to another. It is because they have 2 different experiences and interpretations of reality. This is how triggers of anger, hate, jealousy and envy is formed, an image or idea is presented — and the mind automatically process the image and idea through the filters within our mental structure with references coming the subconscious, then reactions manifest, and another experience is actualized.

In other words, how you feel now, if you are in fear or happy and free is dependent on how you still cling to the memories of experiences you hold active within your mind.

When Memory Reimprinting Becomes Necessary

Since we live our current experiences based on the records within the subconscious mind, formed from structures of beliefs dependent on previous experiences, wouldn’t it be best to reimprint non-virtuous thoughts and unpleasant memories to point us to a better direction?

This is common sense actually, you know you feel rotten, you wish you can change what happened in the past, while common sense dictates it’s impossible to change what is done, so you just go ahead and live life as the person you yourself hate?

Of course not! That is why there is Eutaptics, to help you move on, it cannot change the story, what is done is done, but with your full cooperation it can work wonders by changing your perception and reimprinting these unpleasant episodes in your memory as something you can be at peace with.

Unlike Matrix Reimprinting, there will be no part of you that you need to go and see and make peace with. There is no other entity involved, it is all you. Best thing is, since Eutaptics has a full understanding why we have problems, you do not need to individually sift through your traumas to make positive changes. It is all in the records and how you live the “now” and conscious decision of moving forward without negative imprints.

Those episodes in life that caused you to program your mind to live in fear, anger, hate, jealousy and all the other things that misaligns you to the true nature of self has to be collapsed, they are no longer beneficial, well the subconscious might think it is necessary to cling onto them to keep you safe, but that is not how every memory plays. The true nature of the mind is not chaotic, angry and resentful. The true nature of the mind is aligned with happiness, joy and abundance.

Make positive changes in your life today and begin your new journey with Eutaptics. More than a global community of healers, we are a family of friends, helping each other!

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  • October 27, 2016

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