The Perils of Matrix Reimprinting Compared to Eutaptics

Matrix Reimprinting is a very interesting healing method developed by Karl Dawson who is an EFT Master Practitioner. It is very common among people seeking guidance and training in Eutaptics to ask about how Matrix Reimprinting really works or sometimes ask questions on terminologies and beliefs within matrix reimprinting.

It is indeed a very interesting mind-body healing system but it does not complement Robert Smith’s Eutaptics nor is it in any way similar.

Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson operates within energy systems of the body. The body’s energy system is no doubt real, it would be plain stupid to deny its existence. Just imagine how your heart maintains its beating or the electric impulses that allow cells and neurons to communicate with each other. Scientifically speaking, yes energy systems are real.

But Matrix Reimprinting and EFT are working on questionable energy flows, the chakras, the auras, and the balancing of good and bad energy, to some extent “energy” has been taken to a bit of a stretch by some practitioners. Completely leaving tangible physical science behind and psychology.

This blog post is not in any way trying to demean Matrix Reimprinting, it is only to raise awareness on possible negative effects of Matrix to Reimprinting to people who have little or no knowledge about energy systems.

Does the Matrix Really Exist?

Matrix Reimprinting says, “when we experience trauma, even if it’s fairly minor, a part of us splits off and is essentially encapsulated with the intense emotions and all of the sensory input at the time of the event.” That is quoting one of the practitioner’s websites, (tappingthematrix).

What raises concern about that statement above is the part that says “a part of us splits off,” because that very same phrase would suggest that no one on this planet is whole. Does it also suggest that we are all functioning as broken people?

It appears that the matrix is the place where all our broken-off parts are floating around, imagine how many minor and major traumas you have encountered. It is quite amazing how a person can still function by the age of 20 after experiencing so many moving experiences and intense emotions.

The belief system of Matrix Reimprinting would also suggest that in order for you to be whole and fully functional as a human being, you need to individually address those parts of you that split off during a traumatic event.

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You can start listing them now if you wish to try Matrix Reimprinting because you need to create a “mental movie clip” of those experiences and even give it a title because that will be your workshop to heal.

Now, the biggest concern about this process is, imagine serving in wars or being a victim of sexual abuse. You need to replay ALL those memories to fix them, not even including other traumas in life, imagine how many traumatic experiences a war veteran is keeping within their heads and also imagine how many times a sexually abused person needs to re-live a gross moment?

Again, this blog post is more inquisitive more than judging Matrix Reimprinting, because a lot of things can be learned from their system of healing. It appears that Matrix Reimprinting is a very long process in solving issues and if working with people suffering from high trauma.

Moreover, it seems like it poses a high chance of re-traumatizing an individual, especially in cases of rape, witnessing a murder or serving in wars.

So, does the Matrix exists? It doesn’t exist in Eutaptics or in any teaching by Robert Smith.

Matrix Reimprinting Belief System Can Never Complement Eutaptics

This is to give a clear answer to people who may wonder if Eutaptics can complement Matrix Reimprinting or vice versa.

No, it cannot, in the simple sense that Eutaptics wish to reduce the risk of re-traumatizing an individual and that Eutaptics works with science and physical tangible physical mechanics.

In cases of high trauma, one of the hardest things a person encounter is begin to question reality and the extent of cruelty and emotional pain. Now imagine trying to offer to fix a problem but making them first subscribe to the existence of yet another and invisible reality – the Matrix.

Eutaptics, on the other hand, works with the different layers of the human consciousness and has a complete and unparalleled understanding of how we encode and store memories relating traumatic events. Eutaptics memory reimprinting works with the memories in the mind, nowhere else.

If you are a person who requires assistance in memory reimprinting, your mind will be realigned, not the mind of another version of you that is imagined, not the mind of your family and friends, only you. In other words, restoring your mental and physical programs to “normal” is what Eutaptics does.

To make better sense of this all, what this blog post is trying to suggest is that in cases of high trauma, a person’s belief system is shattered, fear becomes dominant and experiential avoidance becomes an obvious psychological reaction.

The best and only way to reimprint memories that will not re-traumatize a patient and limit reactions to subtle discomfort is Eutaptics.

Because Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting can collapse a mental structure and simultaneously build a better one without having the person re-live the experience. It is highly specialized and best if done with a Eutaptics Master Practitioner or a psychotherapist with FasterEFT Certification in cases of high psychological trauma.

Eutaptics PTSD-Specific Sessions with Robert Smith

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  • December 1, 2016