5 Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Facts You Should Understand

memory reimprinting

Some people may wonder what memory reimprinting is really all about, why it is necessary and why those who are currently experiencing very negative mental states and disorders need it. Consider this post as an overview of Eutaptics memory reimprinting.

This is not a guide to the process of memory reimprinting but an overview of some facts that lies within the Eutaptics belief system about memories and how they play out an important role in our everyday lives.


Here are the 5 Eutaptics memory reimprinting facts that you should understand:

1. Matrix Reimprinting is NOT Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

Matrix reimprinting operates with energy systems in the body and unseen version of reality called the “matrix” in which a fragment of self may be trapped dues to an experienced trauma during childhood. These fragments are called “ECHOs”. In order to reimprint memories, each individual ECHO has to be addressed, your number of ECHOs is relative to the number of traumas experienced.

On the other hand, Eutaptics operates within physical and mental mechanics with emphasis on the unconscious mind as the storage of our memories in which beliefs about how the world works originates. Memory reimprinting in Eutaptics addresses the main issues which eventually leads to the collapse of the whole structure of the problem.

They share a similar goal to bring wellness but operates on two different belief systems of how the mind and reality works. Because of this, there is a huge gap in terms of speed in delivering lasting results.

2. Tapping in Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is Used for De-Fractionation

While you are tapping through the meridian points used in Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting you are using the “de-fractionation” method. This is a highly effective method to break your current trance off the problem, it changes the connection in the brain while it also changes the physiological state of the body as it lowers down stress responses.

As you repeat the phrase “Let it go.” You can add variations like “It’s safe to let it go.” To gain better understanding on “de-fractionation” method, please click here.

In other healing processes and systems, the use of tapping is solely focused on altering and fixing energy flow.

3. Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting “Flips” the Unpleasant Memories

As a result of what was mentioned earlier, “de-fractionation” technique flips memories. In Eutaptics “flip” means changing or reimprinting a good memory. As flipping of memories spontaneously happen, you can always go back to the tapping process to check if there are still memories charged with unpleasant emotions, you can repeat the process until all the memories are flipped.

This technique is also called the “bad-good collapse” technique, this is the process of introducing a good memory charged with positive emotions to the mind.

4. Eutaptics Does Not Subscribe to the Idea of Broken People

Painful experiences contribute to the archives of unpleasant memories within your subconscious mind, these types of memories are used by the mind to trigger responses in times of danger to protect itself.

Since the subconscious does not have logic in triggering mental and physical responses, often even without actual danger we have highly stressed reactions. In some cases, like in several cases of PTSD and other mental disorders, these memories keep on replaying like a looped video causing the person to be unable to distinguish present reality from a painful past.

So, it is right to assume that there is only a programming or a wiring “glitch” in the mind that needs realignment. Unlike what other modalities belief system, in Eutaptics your mind cannot be divided, broken or shattered, you are whole, no part of you can be lost in time and space, otherwise you are functioning as an incomplete person now. Eutaptics belief system disagrees to that, you are whole, and because of that you can fix yourself and get rid of the memories supercharged with very negative emotions through Eutaptics reimprinting.

5. Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Understands the Trances You Inhabit

Because Eutaptics understands the trances that we are in and out of in in every moment, it has a full understanding of its role in our consciousness and how it is structured to make us function normally. In other words, your responses of resentment, anger, sudden sadness are also coming from the same area of the mind. You react to some unpleasant experiences like you do not have a choice because it is how the mind has programmed itself.

In other words, reimprinting memories where these unpleasant emotions are being withdrawn by your consciousness can benefit you so much by allowing good things to happen. It can align you to the goodness that the world has to offer more than just clinging to unpleasant memories of the past.

These are only the 5 Eutaptics memory reimprinting facts that you should understand. If you’d like to learn more you can always start a free 7 Day Quickstart Course in which all the basic information about Eutaptics will be covered including how to start making positive life transformations now.

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