Matrix Reimprinting: Why do We “Reimprint or Flip Memories” in Eutaptics?

As we experience life, the subconscious interprets our experiences, giving them meanings, and files them for future reference. This means that if you have an experience that your subconscious interprets to mean sport is difficult, you will find that whenever the idea comes up of you taking up a sport, you feel resistance. And if you take notice, you will find you feel that resistance somewhere in your body.

So, why do we flip memories in the Eutaptics process?

If you were to go back and change that experience to a positive one, your subconscious might hold the reference that sport is fun. This will mean that when the idea of playing a sport comes up, you will feel a pleasant feeling of anticipation. Again, if you pay attention to that sensation, you will notice that you feel it somewhere in your body.

Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT

Changing the Past

Naturally, we can’t go back in time and change what actually happened, but we can change the record that the subconscious holds of what happened. Changing the memory from a negative experience to a positive experience won’t change the past, but it will change the present and future. Learn what happens to the brain when Eutaptics is used.

Why Change the Bad Memories?

Think of your body as a car, and your subconscious is the GPS. Most of us have not programmed the GPS consciously; it is programmed by default through its own interpretation of life experiences. And it is constantly prompting us to take action and make decisions based on that programming.

For example, if your subconscious contains a record that exercise is hard, and you’ve decided to join a gym to get fit, you may find it easy to go to the gym at first; you may even enjoy it. But as you start to get closer to changing your habits, your subconscious will “correct the course” by causing you to feel tired; prompting you to lie in bed longer; signaling your organs to produce chemicals that make you feel ill; distracting you with emails and social media so that you’re running too late; taking a wrong turn so that you end up missing your class – and an infinite number of other options.

While you think you’re just unlucky, or undisciplined, or lazy, the truth is your GPS is set to destination: exercise is hard. And while that record is in place, no matter how hard you try to develop the habit of exercise, your subconscious will keep “correcting the course”. Discover and learn the truth and science behind Eutaptics and why it works.

Changing the Destination

Changing that record is like changing the destination in your GPS – it will result in your subconscious automatically prompting you towards your goal. You will find you’re looking forward to the exercise; you’ll find that your body recovers quicker than you expected; you’ll find you’re able to get to the gym on time. All because your subconscious is affecting the way you feel and your choices in every moment.

When you use Eutaptics to clear the emotional charge in a memory, as long as you keep going, you will notice the memory will change on its own. You don’t need to consciously change it. As you continue to tap and alternate between the memory that bothers you and a peaceful memory, you will start to notice that the feelings, visuals and audio in the memory that bothers you change. Look at the expressions on the faces of other people in the memory, as well as your own expression; and notice how, as you keep tapping and checking back, the expressions change. The characters in your memory are now smiling; those who hurt you are now loving you.

Remember, this is all in your own mind, so you can allow it to change. There is no need to keep the bad stuff. It is no longer happening, and it is not evidence in a court case; it is just you replaying the past in your own mind. You can entertain yourself with the bad stuff, or you can choose to change it and entertain yourself with good stuff instead – and see the transformation in your life in the knock-on effect.

Now that you know the power of flipping memories and the effect it will have on your life, pick one to try the process on. Pick a memory that bothers you, and use the Eutaptics Technique to tap until it flips. You’ll be amazed at the results!

For an overview of the Eutaptics process, read: The Basics of Eutaptics. If you don’t want to miss on any of our updates, join the buzz in Twitter or explore many other articles we publish in Medium.

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  • October 24, 2016

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