Why Matrix Reimprinting Does Not Complement Eutaptics?

People who often choose Eutaptics healing get quite confused why Matrix Reimprinting is not applied in the process. Or they confuse the Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting process to Matrix Reimprinting. This article will try to answer every corner why Matrix Reimprinting simply does not complement Eutaptics.

Matrix Reimprinting Complements EFT

Matrix reimprinting is created by EFT Master Karl Dawson and like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting is based on energy psychology. Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig, although may seem similar to Eutaptics by Robert Smith, is also an energy healing system.

Eutaptics is not an energy system.

The two is made to complement each other, while the other, Eutaptics simply operates on another belief system, it involves tangible physical mechanics that understands and promotes lasting healing.

In the broader sense, all of them wish to help people be free from pain, recover from illnesses and achieve happiness and wellness in life.

But their systems of operation create the major differences, which is also directly affects their efficiency, speed in delivering results and implausibility.

Matrix Reimprinting: Belief System and Operation

Matrix Reimprinting is used to heal and change your relationship with your past. Creators and practitioners of the said system claims that it can dramatically transform your physical and emotional health in the present.

What is said that can be done in Matrix Reimprinting is allowing an individual to interact with the past versions of themselves, at the time when the event was happening. In doing so, a person can change the memory to a more positive one. You may wonder if that is sort of like time-travel. Well almost, but it is time travel only in the mind or within the energy system that they claim to exist.

The memories of these past to be re-visited are trapped in the field of ECHOs, short for Energy Consiousness Holograms. Working with your ECHO’s they say, will allow the person to resolve memories that contributes to the core issues or problems, which is said that can transform your current belief system of how the world works at the present time.

However, the number of your ECHOs are the same number of your experienced negative emotional states. You may begin counting now how many ECHOs you have to address. Good luck!

Why Matrix Reimprinting Does Not Complement Eutaptics

Eutaptics operates on applied and known science. The reason Eutaptics is one of the most used and applied tools that complements modern psychotherapy is because it is not an energy system.

Unlike Matrix Reimprinting, Eutaptics does not believe that there can be a place outside the mind where the memories or actual part of self may exist.

What Faster EFT believes in is how memories and imprints of traumas are created within the mind. It has a clear understanding of how it is stored and constantly retrieved from the unconscious and how it influences our conscious choices and formation of negative mental states that lead to a lengthy list of disorders and illnesses.

Changing the Imprints of Anger on a Subconscious LevelTransform Your Life with Eutaptics

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A belief system that operates solely on energy fields real or perceived cannot simply complement Eutaptics not because Eutaptics totally dispose the ideas of energy, but because Robert Smith, creator of Eutaptics believes that we are the creators of our own energy and no outside force or another system can affect yours. Nor can your energy be defragmented, broken and trapped in another energy system.

The belief system of Eutaptics strongly subscribe to the idea that each and every individual is complete and working in perfect alignment to the beliefs they hold valid and true according to the records of memories storied within their subconscious mind.

In other words, to help a person regain alignment back to reality or help an individual release and resolve their problems, you need to have a map to locate these issues.

If the issues are outside the mind and we blame systems that operates beyond our control, it will be fairly difficult to provide resolution, worse it can result to more conflict.

Eutaptics has a map, but it leads nowhere but back to your subconscious and unconscious where the network of interlinked mental patterns being withdrawn from a negative experience is plugged in. What Faster EFT believes in is that the source of your problems, actual and perceived, needs to have a source or a primary imprint which directly affect your behavior and your physical wellbeing.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Provides Lasting Resolution to Any Problem

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is a powerful tool to address traumas and problems that are deeply rooted in your past because it can change the way mental patterns are created by the mind.

The past no longer exists, its existence and “reality” is based only on the frequency of emotions you charge it with. If your emotions about a particular episode in your life is heightened, it will seem real to you, your body will react accordingly as your mind continues to simultaneously fire electrical impulses to recreate the situation.

But it operates only on the interlinked mental patterns, you cannot touch it, you cannot physically re-experience it and most importantly you cannot remove this mental programming and place it on another dimension such as the matrix. It is held in your subconscious, that is where the workshop has to be.

What Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting can do to provide lasting resolution to the problem is collapse the structure of the interlinked memories and thought patterns. As you develop your skills in Faster EFT or through the help of an advanced Faster EFT Practitioner if working with high trauma, you can recreate mental patterns that no longer possess the same emotions.

In other words, the power of a memory relies on the emotions that fuels it. The imprints within your mind that controls other imprints and mental activity that causes you to react or overreact is dependent on the emotions it is charged with.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is a process that can hack through your mind and reimprint your memories so that your consciousness withdraws references coming from positive or neutral storehouse of memories rather than those that cause you problems.

If the mind remains in state of wellness, the body follows, this is an everlasting fact known to science. regardless of your religion, race or culture, this remains valid and true for all eternity.  

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  • November 24, 2016