It’s All You! How Reimprinting Helps Deal with Bad Memories

Bad Memories! No matter what has happened to you in your life so far; when you remember it, it’s all you. Whatever is in the past is over now, and the only way you can relive it is by replaying it in your own mind. This can be quite a challenge to accept at first since it may feel that you’ve had no choice in what comes into your head; so you may feel it’s an unreasonable statement. However, if you think about it for a moment – if it is only you, it means you have the power to choose to change it! You just need to know how.

One-Man Show

When you remember something that someone did, or something that happened, it is you who is playing that scenario in your mind. No-one else can fit inside your head; which means what you are watching, listening to and feeling is a kind of “movie”. And you are not only the operator of the projector; you are also the writer, editor, director, and even every member of the cast. This may sound absurd at first, but the fact is that since the memory is playing out in your own mind, you can make changes to it.

When replaying a memory you have the power to change not only what you do in that memory, but what everyone else does as well. This may not be easy if the memory is particularly traumatic – that is, it may not be easy if you are only using the conscious mind. But your subconscious mind is in charge of the records that determine your world and your reality. It can make any changes you like – if you know how to work with it. Unravel what happens to the brain when using Eutaptics.

Working with the Programmer

Your conscious mind is like the person using a computer while your subconscious mind is more like the computer programmer. Your memories are the programs. You may be able to change some of them using your conscious mind; for others you will need the programmer – your subconscious. Either way, reminding yourself that it is now only you in there – only you choosing to run the memory, only you playing each character – can help you to make the decision to work with your subconscious to make the changes. Those people are not literally inside your head – you are now playing the role of each one.

This means that whatever someone else did to you in the past, you are now continuing to do it to yourself each time you replay the memory.

Now that you know this, you have a choice:

  1. You can choose to continue to hurt yourself on behalf of “them”
  2. You can choose to not think of the memory ever again – burying it
  3. You can choose to clean the memory and flip it so that it no longer bothers you

Option One

The first option is clear – if you’re happy to continue, then of course, that’s the choice you’ll make.

Option Two

The second option may seem like an obvious choice; however, the problem with this one is that if you bury the memory, it hasn’t gone. It’s still there. This means that your subconscious is still using it as a reference for your current life. You may choose to no longer consciously play that memory in your mind, but if it is still inside you, it will continue to affect your life in other ways. Your subconscious will still be referring to it as a “fact”.

When your subconscious references a “fact” it then prompts your brain to signal your body to respond accordingly, in order to cause you to respond in a way that keeps you in alignment with whatever that record is. This is why you will notice you seem to have similar problems with different people and circumstances. They’re all the result of the same records.

Option Three

The third option is the only way to truly be free from the experience of that memory. Cleaning and flipping it will mean it no longer has the same emotional effect on you. It will also mean that when your subconscious refers to it, it is accessing very different data – which will mean it will be prompting your brain and body to respond very differently, producing very different results in your own behavior, choices, feelings, actions, and everything else in your life.

You’re the Boss!

Although it may not seem like it at times, you are always the boss of you. And once you have learned how to use the controls of your own mind and body, you will have complete power over your own life experiences. No-one else can control how you feel; only you can do that. And while it may seem almost impossible at times using the conscious mind, changing your automatic responses by accessing the subconscious mind and asking the programmer itself to make the changes to the original program for you is the way to achieve success.

Accessing the Original Records

So, how do you access the “programmer”? The Eutaptics technique is designed to help you to easily and quickly work with your subconscious to clear the original records that are resulting in any problems you’re currently experiencing in your life. You can use the technique to make changes to all memories that bother you – and this will result in a change in your choices, behaviors, communication, the actions you take and everything else you do in your life since it is all affected by the subconscious records you hold.

How Does it Affect Your Daily Life?

If you think a memory is not affecting you in your daily life, consider the fact that your memories (the interpretations by the subconscious mind that are recorded as a guide to who you are and how the world works) are the references that your subconscious is using to guide you in your decisions, responses and actions. Because this is designed to operate covertly, it feels to you as if your conscious mind is making decisions on its own; but the truth is: it is responding to subtle cues from the body (feelings) prompted by the subconscious. The conscious mind then assigns logic and reason to these cues and assumes it is making its own decisions.

If you’re concerned that changing your bad memories may be wrong in some way, read:Who will I be if I Change My Bad Memories?

How to Change Your Subconscious Records

  1. Choose a memory you wish to change. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go back to that memory as if you were there. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt.
  1. Notice how you feel – notice where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.
  1. Now, tap gently between your eyebrows with two fingers while focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin and say “I release and let it go.” Then tap beside your eye and say “It’s okay to let this go now”. Tap under your eye and say “It’s safe to let this go now” and then tap just below your collarbone and say “I don’t need to hold onto this any longer, it’s okay to let it go now. And I’m safe as I’m letting it go.”
  1. Grab your wrist, take a deep breath and exhale. Say “Peace” and go to a peaceful memory. This needn’t be a real memory, it could just be a daydream of somewhere you’d like to be. Imagine sitting on the beach, or in a garden, or hugging someone you love. Just enjoy the feeling of that memory for a moment.
  1. Now, go back to the memory that bothered you, and notice what’s changed. Notice if the feeling is different in any way – if the intensity is different, for example. Notice if the picture is different or if the action has changed.
  1. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until the memory and the feeling have changed completely. You need to keep repeating the process until the memory not only no longer bothers you, but until it feels good. It will change automatically as you go through the process – you don’t need to change it consciously; your subconscious will make the changes and you will notice them when they happen.

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  • October 24, 2016

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