Getting to Know the Applied Science in Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

Getting to Know the Applied Science in FasterEFT memory reimprinting

Robert G. Smith developed Eutaptics with a very strong understanding of the science between the mind and the body with great focus on how we create and store memories, and how we use these memories in building our lives.

We automatically draw our reactions to all incoming or currently experienced events from memories. Memories are the forerunner of our succeeding thoughts; they add fuel to our mental patterns that stimulates actions or reactions.

Because of this, we become experts in recalling strong memories that are supercharged with emotions, for example: death, ending of relationships, natural and manmade catastrophes. But it is not always negative, we are also great at remembering moments that carry positive emotional charge, weddings, birth, joyful celebrations, falling in love, etc.

The mind is a vast valley of memories with varying emotional intensities. The psychology behind recalling only those memories that are highly charged with emotions will be explained further in the sections below.

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How Memories are Formed, Stored and Processed in the Mind

Eutaptics operates within knowledge that is generally accepted by modern psychology. It carries the same belief that was proven by many scientific studies on how our brain functions and how the mind process memories through experiences.

We can say that memory storage in the brain is more or less a reflexive process of retaining information. The process of storing memory may be within the sensory memory, short-term memory or long term memory.

These processes of storing acts as the filter that helps us from information overload as we encounter so many experiences throughout the day.

Avoiding information flooding in the brain keeps us sane.

When an information is repeated over time, maybe in a form of a hobby or routine, it is more likely to be retained as a long-term memory. This may also be the same case when experiences are stored with extreme emotions. Long-term memories are not stored in one section of the brain.

The neurological work by Wilder Penfield and Karl Lashley in the 1950’s to 1960’s delivered so many facts about the brain functions in terms of storing memories. Their studies discovered that memories are widely distributed throughout the cortex.

After the process of memory consolidation long-term memories are stored within groups of neurons all throughout the cortex that have the ability to fire together the same patterns created from the original experience.

This also suggests that memories are stored or encoded redundantly several times within various areas of the cortex. Means that retrieving information is possible even if one memory is wiped out.

This proves that point that memories are not stored in our brains like folders within a filing system like in computing device. The information constructing a memory is widely scattered throughout the brain by an encoding process.

The Sympathetic Nervous System and the endocrine system influence the body and the mind during a threat or excitement. The brain’s hippocampus and frontal cortex are the areas of the brain where memories are redundantly stored. Usually when the memory is being encoded, there is a disproportional number of synaptic receptors for glutamate.

The glutamatergic synapses are unique in memory formation and retention. No wonder we are so good at remembering memories when we are very excited, like the first-time experiences or when we are in danger. Thrills are often the precursor for a human to remember things as it heightens mental activity.

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Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Understands How Memories are Encoded

The reason the overview about brain functions was discussed above is to give a better understanding on why Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting works better than other mental healing modalities out there.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting uses that same process that created unproductive beliefs, traumatic experiences or problematic memories to provide resolution to any issue. Since the structure of any kind of memory within the mind is interlinked and stored throughout the cortex, Eutaptics memory reimprinting can adjust or reimprint the links between the neurological networks.

Because of this, it is the only memory reimprinting process that delivers results in handling cases from severe psychological trauma, those suffering from grief and loss or even common life problems of feeling stuck and unhealthy. Through the adjustments created within the mind by memory reimprinting a person can recover physical, mental and emotional health.

In Eutaptics sessions, a practitioner completes an intake on a client, the practitioner records the events, emotions, the beliefs and the desired results. The desired outcome of the Eutaptics Session can range from many problems, from forgiveness of self, others, acceptance, release of painful emotions coming from a trauma and many more.

A practitioner brings back the client to the original event either slowly or quickly. However, in most cases, a practitioner will deeply assess the ability of the client to handle the situation depending on the severity of the trauma. A Eutaptics practitioner is equipped with knowledge to ensure that a patient is not retraumatized.

Once the memory has been accessed and the client is in “the trance” of the experience, a practitioner communicates to the client with the phrases: “Let it go”, “It is safe to let it go”, “Just let it go.” These phrases are spoken while the client or the Eutaptics practitioner taps on the client’s specific meridian points.

Other verbal suggestions may be used by the Eutaptics practitioner coming from the client and said while he/she is in an excited state. The emotions trigger the Sympathetic Nervous System and endocrine systems heightening the state of the brain and its ability to receive and reencode the situation.

Through this process the old belief of the client towards an event can be replaced with a new memory charged with a more positive feeling and reimprint the memory as an implicate memory or a long-term memory. The process can vividly reimprint a newer version of the memory throughout the cortex and change the structure and pattern of thoughts fired by the neurons when a memory of a painful event is triggered.

In other words, as the client experience the intense emotions making the brain more receptive to new information allows installation of a new neurological network in the same way the trauma or bad belief and habit was installed. The session is completed through a series of repetition until the network and links of the negative thought has been totally collapse to allow the client to move forward in life with the desired implicit memory.

The use of tapping activates the acupressure points to help keep the client relaxed although re-experiencing a traumatic event. The tapping helps keep the brain in focus between the conscious choice to pay attention to the feeling of the touching the meridian points and the emotional discomfort coming from a thought or a memory. This is de-fractionation, a process in Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting that allows to pull a client in and out of a trance, less deep in each cycle while it allows remprinting new emotions towards a long-standing belief.

Because of de-fractionation, the brain has a difficult holding onto physical sensation and to an emotion at the same time, giving way to unlink the attention given to pain or a painful experience.

The emotional trauma is unlinked through de-fractionation for two reasons:

  1. The loss of focus due to tapping on the meridian points
  2. Because the mental representation or structure supporting the pain is removed.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Allows Recovery

Whether you wish to recover from trauma or a life-long belief that you hold in your mind that pulls you down to not reach your full potential, Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting can help.

The brain is a very complex filing system and Eutaptics can hack through this system to allow new imprints of memories installed and discharge the emotions linking thought patterns from a trauma or unpleasant memories.

When the phrases “Let it go,” is repeated, it allows transference of the idea from short-term memory to the implicit memory. The brain does this without judgement as the unconscious mind records the new information creating new links with better feeling emotions to the original imprint.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting works quickly and within normal systems understood and proven by science. Eutaptics is the only tool that allows a person to totally let go of a painful past and allow new beginnings.

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