Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Makes You an Abundance Magnet

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Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is a process created by Robert G. Smith that focuses on the boundless ability of the mind to heal and transform itself. Unlike Matrix Reimprinting by Karl Dawson, Eutaptics Memory reimprinting operates within tangible physical mechanics and operates on known and proven facts about how the mind operates.

The only focus of Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting is changing the memories within the subconscious mind through actionable and self-help technical applications.

Eutaptics Memory reimprinting was able to help thousands of people globally to relieve their stress, get rid of traumatic stress responses, resolve emotionally charged memories and heal from invisible illnesses and chronic pains.

The very same system can help you become and abundance magnet. This is not another Law of Attraction marketing gimmick the floods the internet. This is real and the reason behind why Memory Reimprinting works in making you an abundance magnet is based on mental healing that will allow you to seize a more fortunate tomorrow by reimprinting negative memories producing behavior that prevents you from reaching your full potential.

robertsmithEutaptics Wealth Attraction

Eutaptics is a powerful system that helps people make profound changes in their lives, stregthen both personal and professional relationships.  Learn to break free from the money ball and chain tying you down! Create positive responses to bills and spending habits that are healthy and sensible. Eutaptics is a collection of cutting-edge techniques and processes that can be used by anyone to release life’s biggest problems, past traumas, emotional issues, bad habits, money problems, chronic pain, or even disease in the body.

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Mind Over Money: The Ultimate Wellness Path

“Change your mind, change your life,” has been said a thousand times and used by countless mind-body healing systems yet none of them has come close to delivering a profound answer to the question in perpetuity, “How?”

Reimprint your negative memories!

With the mind as the vessel of countless memories interlinked together as a network of thoughts. Without removing those memories that are charging your every thought with negative emotion it will be hard to really achieve abundance and wealth. Maybe you can get a little successful and the next moment you find yourself being dragged down into an unhappy life.

This happens easily and rampantly to most people, unable to sustain happiness and success. Why? Because their mental structure over money is still bound to some negative mental patterns. One negative memory that is supercharged with emotions can be very treacherous and cause a person to feel failure.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting ensures that your mind has control over money by reimprinting all your negative memories about money allowing your visualization and other Law of Attraction techniques to really work.

In other words, memory reimprinting clears your mind allowing you to set align your life to wealth. It is our promise to you, that with a peaceful, quiet mind that adapts the wealth mindset manifesting your desires is not only going to be easy, but it can become a natural process in your life. Meaning you do not have to “will your mind into thinking positive.”

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting sets a new stage in making wealth manifest in your life. The best thing about it is that it is easy to learn, apply and understand.

Need Help Reimprinting a Very Bad Memory?

If you notice that you have a memory or even a collection of memories that needs to be addressed. You can book a telephone or video call session with Robert G. Smith. Wherever you are, help is within reach.

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Mind Over Money Transformational Retreat


The Transformational Retreat is a 2 day weekend introduction to FasterEFT. You will learn the basics of the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith.  This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems.

Robert Smith also selects volunteers from the audience to be tapped in the “Hot Seat” and this retreat is your opportunity to be that person!

What will I gain from a FasterEFT Transformational Retreat?

If you are seeking liberation from whatever holds you back, this weekend is for you.

  • Experience real freedom beyond anything you’ve read, thought or dreamed about.
  • Learn a new way of looking at the world, your relationships, money, wealth and how you perceive and react to your experiences.
  • Discover simple self-empowering techniques that you can do anywhere and create a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn how to release your old, unwanted habits and problems, and make room for a new you!
  • Witness others’ profound healing and insights. When others let go, it is a gift of sharing which helps everyone else heal and let go. We are all in this together.Peace and Love, Robert

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  • November 17, 2016

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