Eutaptics and Matrix Reimprinting: Who Will You Be When You Change Your Bad Memories?

Who Will I Be if I Change My Bad Memories?

Although we all want to be happy, sometimes it can be scary to make changes. Many people identify with their bad experiences, and feel that if they change the memories of those experiences, they won’t know who they are anymore. The truth is: they will still be themselves, only happier.

If you found an abandoned child who had experienced terrible trauma, and you had a way of erasing the memories of that trauma from the child’s mind, would you do it? And if you did, could you imagine the changes in that child? He would still be the same child, but he would be happy, healthy, free and able to enjoy his life more.

The Effects of Changing Bad Memories

Changing your bad memories using Eutaptics will not change the past, and it will not change who you are. It will change your ability to make choices to achieve things you want to achieve without being weighed down and affected by those memories. It will allow you to enjoy your life more, benefit from healthier relationships, make better decisions, make more money, and live in a healthier body.

Contrary to what many people believe, bad memories do not make us stronger – they make us weaker. Physically, they affect the immune system, the digestive system, cognitive functioning, and so much more. When we remember bad experiences, the brain signals the body to respond as if the incident were happening right now. (If you think of a bad memory right now, you’ll notice the effect in your body) This puts the body into the stress state of fight-or-flight, which causes blood to be pumped away from the organs to the extremities, an increase in blood pressure, and causes many other detrimental effects on the body.

Recalling a bad memory also weakens us emotionally and mentally since it affects our ability to think clearly, respond rationally, communicate effectively and use our creativity. Changing bad memories using Eutaptics is like weeding your garden. Sure, the weeds are strong, but they kill the other plants. Because of the physiological reaction to bad memories (the fight or flight response), your bad memories feel stronger than the good ones. Cleaning out the bad memories allows you to see more good ones – just as weeding your garden allows you to see more flowers.

You’ll still be you, only happier.

For more on how changing bad memories affects you, watch Eutaptics Video 986

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  • October 24, 2016

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