Difference Between Eutaptics and Matrix Reimprinting

I first became aware of Matrix Reimprinting when people began asking me odd questions about the connection between memories and ECHOs. As I found out more about the system (Matrix Training), I realized that they had taken regular EFT and added the next level by reimprinting the memories. What Eutaptics and Matrix Reimprinting have in common is reimprinting memories in order to create significant transformation but also to give the subconscious mind new resources to build a better life.

While Matrix Reimprinting and Eutaptics both use reimprinting to change memories, there are key differences between the belief systems, the processes and techniques, and the approach of each system.

Belief Systems

As I have taught in Eutaptics Level I trainings.  “All healing modalities have a belief system of why and how we have problems, and a mode of operation to address the issue. It is that system that will determine how fast, slow or if ever the issue will be resolved.  Whether the truths of the belief system from which they operate are written or unwritten, they all have them.” I believe we should have a system that will address all types of people and thinkers.  I have also mentioned that all healing modalities are good, usable, and people are helped in each one; it’s just that some will solve the issue faster.

The belief system of Matrix Reimprinting is very different to that of Eutaptics. One of the main differences is that, like regular EFT, Matrix Reimprinting is an energy system, whereas Eutaptics works with the brain and body, down-to-earth logic, and tangible physical mechanics, rather than with only energy.

But there are several other key differences, such as:

The Basics of the Matrix Reimprinting Belief System

In Matrix Reimprinting it is believed that when a person experiences a traumatic event, their energy fragments. This happens mostly in childhood, but also happens during adult life. The fragment that breaks away from the whole is called an “ECHO” and remains trapped in time, within the Matrix.

In other words, if you had an experience when you were 2 years old, that impacted you in a negative way, an energetic representation of that little 2 year old you, will remain 2 years old, trapped in the Matrix, in that event and continuing to feel the negative effects of the event.

According to the Matrix Reimprinting belief system, that 2 year old ECHO of you is a real child – not of dense energy as we are, but the energy of that child is real.

As you can imagine, considering all of the negative experiences each person has throughout their lives, there are many fragments or ECHOs of each individual trapped in the Matrix. In fact, there could be up to a thousand – or more – parts trapped in the Matrix.

These ECHOs impact that person’s current life. The belief in Matrix Reimprinting is that in order to solve current problems, you need to go into previous memories, where those ECHOs are real children, and work with that child to change their experience, reimprinting the new memory and the new “positive learning”. Matrix Reimprinting is also used to address psychological reversal, a concept that is not part of the FasterEFT belief system.

In order to be able to successfully use Matrix Reimprinting, you need to be able to buy into the belief system, and have the ability to visualize your ECHOs as real people.

The Basics of the Eutaptics Belief System

In FasterEFT it is believed that all experiences, including traumatic events, are recorded in the subconscious as references. The subconscious interprets each experience, and files that data as a foundation and proof of who the person is and how the world works.

Each experience is filtered through the existing data from previous experiences; and the subconscious prompts the brain and body to respond accordingly. This data forms the foundation of each individual’s reality and perception. Since each person’s experiences are unique, each person’s reality is unique – which means each person’s perception is unique.

In Eutaptics, there are no “broken” people. Each individual is working perfectly, based on what they hold in their subconscious. Change the records in the subconscious, and the results change automatically.

The Eutaptics belief system does not include psychological reversal – according to Eutaptics, every person is performing in perfect alignment with what they hold at all times. In the Eutaptics belief system, everything within ourselves is ourselves. In other words, every other person you have in your mind is you.

The Eutaptics belief system is based on the fact that problems begin from birth – as the subconscious begins to interpret and file every experience, filtering each new experience through the information it carries from previous experiences, it forms structures of beliefs that support each “problem”.

As you can see, the main difference in belief systems between the two modalities is that Matrix Energetics believes that fragments of energy are broken off and trapped in the Matrix; while Eutaptics believes each person is whole, and working perfectly according to the particular data held in their subconscious.

The ECHOs referred to in Matrix Reimprinting are hypnotic trances in Eutaptics. These are trances that the mind will use to operate within the world; they form part of our identity, and are also survival systems that are used to keep the individual in line with what the subconscious has referenced as safe, normal experiences.

Operating Systems

The process of changing memories is very different in each system, although there are a few similarities. In a nutshell, Eutaptics and Matrix Reimprinting have one common goal, and two different ways to achieve it.

The Matrix Reimprinting Operating System

Matrix Reimprinting is a process of connecting with the fragmented parts of a person, through a visualization process, followed by tapping – using regular EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on that part or ECHO – and then making changes to the memory.

For example, if you had a traumatic memory from when you were 4 years old, you would imagine that you are seeing the four-year-old you in front of you. This child, according to the Matrix Reimprinting belief system is just as real as any of us; its energy is just not dense enough to be physical.

The first step in the Matrix Reimprinting process is to determine the emotional peaks in the memory, and create a “movie clip” around the emotionally charged parts of the memory. This is the segment that will be addressed in the process. You would give this movie a name based on your emotions.

The title would need to connect with the emotions you have around the event as this is the aiming process. You would then use regular EFT to tap on that phrase while feeling the emotions. Once you had tuned into the emotions, you would move on to the next step of the process.

The second step is to imagine that you, at the age you are now, have stepped into the movie clip, and are talking with that child. You would explain who you are, and that you’re there to help. You would then use regular EFT in the visualization, to tap on the child to help them feel better, while the practitioner (or yourself) is tapping on you. In other words, you (in real time) are being tapped on using EFT, while you are tapping on the ECHO using EFT.

Once the child was feeling better, you would ask him or her what they would prefer – instead of what is called in Matrix Reimprinting the “negative learning”, what would change that memory to a positive learning? Whatever the child replies, you would then make that change to the memory. You would then move on to the next traumatic memory. Since each bad memory has created a fragment or ECHO of you, you need to address each one in order to experience the changes in your current life.

The Eutaptics Operating System

Although Eutaptics is also used to change memories, the process is different. The Eutaptics technique is designed to work with the subconscious to make changes using both the body and the mind, resulting in restructuring of neural networks in the neocortex of the brain as well as other physical changes.

Eutaptics works with all five styles of memories – which can be independent or combined in various ways. There are six basic ways used in Eutaptics to reimprint memories, working within the individual’s own operating system. Tapping on someone else in a memory is often used in Eutaptics as part of addressing a memory; however, it is understood that everything in a memory is purely a representation of an experience, rather than an actual separate person or entity.

Whatever work is done within the memory is changing the person’s records of that experience rather than changing something outside of themselves.

To use Eutaptics, you would notice how you know you have a problem. If you have a memory, you would notice the details of that memory, and how you feel as you remember it; if you don’t have a memory, you would simply notice how you know the problem exists.

This may be because you feel it, or it may be because of the experiences you’ve been having recently, or it may be just a knowing. However you know you have the problem – you would notice it. This is the process of aiming – directing the subconscious.

The next step is to use the Eutaptics tapping technique – which involves five points that cover the 10 meridian points of the major organs responsible for the fight or flight response. While tapping on these points, you would take your focus off the problem, and focus on the feeling of your fingers on your skin.

This is a “de-fractionation” method. The purpose of it is to break the trance of the problem, changing the connection in the brain and changing the physiological state of the body. There are many other methods of de-fractionation (a technique developed by FasterEFT founder, Robert G. Smith based on fractionation – used in hypnosis) but tapping is the most commonly used.

While tapping, you would repeat the phrase “Let it go”. You could also add in variations such as “It’s safe to let it go” since the subconscious holds onto things we see as bad because it has data that “proves” it is keeping you safe.

The fourth point is the wrist; and as you grab your wrist, you would take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “Peace”, and then go to a peaceful memory. The purpose of this is to change the chemical state of your body as well as rewiring the neocortex of your brain, changing the connection that is causing the problem or issue you’re addressing.

Eutaptics uses the “bad-good collapse” technique – introducing a good state (memory or feeling) into a bad state, results in a collapse to the good state. Endorphins and other feel-good chemicals dilute the stress chemicals that cause the varying degrees of the stress fight-or-flight state that we recognize as bad feelings and emotions.

You would then go back to the problem and check to see if it is still the same, or if it has changed. You would notice what still remains, and then repeat the tapping process until all bad feelings have disappeared and any memories have flipped.

In Eutaptics, memories usually flip (change to a good memory) spontaneously as a result of the de-fractionation technique – the subconscious does the work here. However, if the memory does not flip on its own, you can use your conscious mind to change it. There is no need to be able to visualize in order to use Eutaptics since the process is designed to work according to the way each individual works.

For example, one person may see pictures when they recall memories, while another may only remember a smell or a sound. Someone else may have no memory at all, but have a “knowing”. Each of these can be used in the Eutaptics process.

With Eutaptics you do not need to address every bad experience. Since the subconscious has formed structures with links to different experiences and information, addressing certain memories will automatically result in the collapse of others.

An Example of the Two Techniques:

Janet has a memory from when she was 6 years old. The experience involved a teacher humiliating her in front of the class.

Matrix Reimprinting:

Janet would remember the event (if the emotions were too high, she would not go into the memory, but would use EFT to tap down the emotions first). She would create the movie clip of the emotional peaks, and then step into the memory as she is now. She would introduce herself to the 6 year old her, and explain that she was there to help. She would ask questions to find out how that ECHO of her was feeling, and would then use EFT to tap on the child.

Once the child was feeling better, Janet would ask her what the negative learning was from that experience. The child may answer that the negative learning is that she is stupid. Janet would then ask the ECHO what would make this experience a positive learning, and she would then consciously make the changes to the memory according to the child’s answer.


Janet would recall the memory, and notice how she feels. She would notice the feeling of pressure in her chest, for example, and the feeling of humiliation. She would notice how strong the feeling is. She would then take her focus off the memory; and, focusing on the feeling of her fingers on her skin, she would tap between her eyes, beside her eye, under her eye, and on her collar bone, while saying “I release and let it go” and “It’s safe to let this go now”. She would then grab her wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “Peace”, going to a peaceful memory.

After feeling the peaceful memory, Janet would then go back to the memory of being 6 years old in school, and she would take notice of what’s changed. She may notice that the intensity of the feeling of being humiliated has dropped. She would then repeat the tapping technique until all bad feelings had gone.

She would start to notice that the memory is changing. She may notice that now, instead of humiliating her, the teacher is smiling and rewarding her in front of the class, for excellent work.

I personally taken the Matrix Reimprinting course with my friend Penny Croal, whom I love and adore (her kitty too).  I do honor and respect what Karl Dawson has done with EFT by bringing in the next level to EFT and that is reimprinting memories with Matrix Reimprinting.  He like others has been down the hard road with improvements made.  Good job Karl.

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  • May 14, 2018