The 6 Toxic Beliefs That Makes Your Life Difficult

The 6 Toxic Beliefs That Makes Your Life Difficult

The thing that makes your life difficult is produced in your mind, it controls you and make problems manifest into your experience. If you do not collapse and let go of your toxic beliefs, it will continue to control you, produce the cycle of problems you want to escape from and create reality bound to unhappiness.

It may be a little difficult to admit, but it’s the truth. The torrents of toxic beliefs fired within your mind limits your perspective and creates a problematic life. Toxic beliefs, harmful thoughts or negative mind programs has to be collapsed to produce better experiences in life that promotes growth and success.

What this article is trying to point out is how these negative mindsets or toxic beliefs damage your relationships, career and slowly eat your life making it easier to give in to stress caused by problems.

1. Procrastination – Stalling

Procrastination is a mental program that happened to be most ignored. Many people procrastinate often without knowing that this mental program can spread like a virus in the mind and can become habitual.

When procrastination becomes a habit, achieving breakthrough success becomes difficult because the mind is programmed to fear anything outside its familiar zone.

More often, the root cause of procrastination is fear. Either fearing there will be no substantial gain or fear of losing and taking risks. In reality, calculated risks are good. It creates a healthier mind by inducing creativity. When it comes to success or building a strong architecture of happiness in your life, keep in mind that today is always the best day. Not tomorrow, not next week or the year after.

Fears that makes you stall from achieving your goals are fiction created by your mind between where you are to where you want to be. Let go of the fears and collapse its structure from your deeper consciousness.

2. Believing You Aren’t Good Enough

Negative self-talks the distorts your inner world causing your self-esteem to be reduced is a habit you might have picked up when you were little, just like most people. Most of us want to blend in with the crowd, scared of the spotlight to avoid feeling like a failure if things don’t work out.

Not believing in yourself can be very damaging. There is no reason why you shouldn’t believe that you can be any better. Self-improvement begins when you learn how to stop distorting your reality, accept that you are a limitless being and you have adequate skills to reach your full potential.

Everyone is competent. But often our toxic beliefs that we aren’t good enough is that which cause us to fail. No one expects you to be perfect, so might as well try because you are good enough.

3. Easily Intimidated

The world is indeed a place of diverse people with diverse characteristics, personalities and traits. We cannot avoid this, it is a fact of life. However, diversity should never be feared, it is to be embraced and understood. Without diversity, there is no creativity.

Feeling like you are not an expert, is a toxic belief that roots from experts are born. There is no one who is inherently holding an expert gene. Although of course you might question the existence of prodigies. But you have to understand that even in those many cases of pure talent and wiz, those are but “tendencies.”

We were born holding tendencies. These tendencies are reinforced to take shape depending on how we are raised, the culture that we know and possibly the education we receive. Since they are tendencies, it means they are mental programs, beliefs – if it is the term easier for you to accept and understand.

In other words, you have as high tendency to be healthy as you are to be sick. You have the greatest tendency to be successful as much as you are to be a failure.

The choice is yours, which belief system do you want your mind to be programmed to? In cases of great success stories, we only hear the good part, then we assume that it is easy for them and difficult for you. That some are born lucky – then you are intimidated to try.

Do not be intimidated by those you think are better than you. Better yet, align with them. Study them, and awaken your tendencies to be like them by first destroying your toxic belief that it was the universe who chose your fate.

4. Believing in Failure More Than Success

There are instances when some people reach mediocre success and we witness their downfall from there. Sometimes even before reaching mediocre success, they begin to fall. Their secret? Believing in failure more than they believe breakthrough success, hence they aren’t able to sustain the little successes that they achieve.

Anticipating failure or signs of failure is never positive This is very different from calculating risks. For in calculating risks, you no longer anticipate failure, you already have solutions even before the idea of failing arrives.

Failure is mindset and so is luck, success and problems. To truly tap into the rich vein of success mindset, you need to discover what fuels your failure mindset, collapse it and reimprint it with better thoughts that can support success and happiness.

Every life experience is a contributing factor that supports our mindsets. Find that one imprint in your mind where failure is being produced and you are guaranteed to see only opportunities for success from this point.

5. Success Requires a Certain Environment

Most people are trapped into this very toxic belief that in order to achieve success you first need to reach a certain level. This is so wrong in many angles. Success originates from the mind, if there is any environment wherein success can be found it is definitely your mental environment.

Success does not happen by accident. Abandon the belief that you first need to reach a particular level before you align your mental resources to success. Align everything now. The crippling source of failure is the idea that environment and circumstances has to first align and produce a signal that it is the right time before you take action.

6. Believing That You Are Unlucky

Luck is mindset, it really is. The more you think of good things and anticipate a better future without a trace of doubt, your mental resources will align and make you hyperaware of opportunities. Hence, it may seem to you that you are lucky. But in reality, you simply produced a better result by eliminating doubt and fears from the equation.

Success is a structure – ultimately life is a structure. What is produced in this structure you call life is bound to the ideas, mindsets and beliefs you hold. You cannot create ideas without a forerunner, mindsets have precursors as well.

They are relative to the memories that your mind clings to and ascribe values to. The intensity of this values are determined by the emotions carried by a particular memory or imprint, it fires various mental programs that you have grown to accept as your character or personality, ultimately the designer of your behavior.

If you are producing a difficult life, it means that the toxic belief systems that you hold on to are more valuable and dominant in your mind. Weaken the structure of your toxic beliefs and experience a happy life you can sustain.

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  • February 4, 2017