The Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting Techniques are not based on views outside the physical world. You deal with the problem on how it has been imprinted within your subconscious mind. The brain and the mind is where it operates.

Problems are created within the mind, so there is no other place we can fix anything but there.

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Eutaptics Believes the Body is the Expression of the Mind

In believing so, a person can gain more clarity on how they perceive things and how they internally process everything – thoughts, ideas and memories. Furthermore, this idea also presents the fact that there is nothing permanent in our current situation, whether you are in pain or suffering great financial challenges.

Since mental programming can be changed, the body and life experiences also follows. This is an undisputable law of creation.

Dealing with Imprints Stored in the Unconscious

Problems arise with foundations from a primary imprint. For example, your internal processing of the idea of pain may be withdrawn from various mental imprints, since it is a network of memories, one will discover various levels of imprints referencing from an idea.

In other words, when applying Eutaptics memory reimprinting, it works by discovering the primary imprint within the unconscious mind. Unlike other healing systems that believes that you have to pacify the inner child or you have to go the earliest memories, Eutaptics’ understanding of primary imprint is slightly different and easier to understand.

A primary imprint does not necessarily mean earliest record or memory. A primary imprint can be said to be any or combination of the following:

  1. A memory that has the strongest influence on behavior
  2. Primary imprints can be positive or negative
  3. A primary imprint is supercharged with emotions

The most important thing to remember is that primary imprints are very important for they serve as a foundation for other imprints and thought structure, but they are changeable. Since it is within the mind, it can be changed, and upon changing how these imprints are encoded in the subconscious, a person can rewrite their future responses not only to pain, but wide spectrum of problems.

In Eutaptics memory reimprinting the main aim is to change the primary imprint.

The reason behind this is because our perception of how the world works and our behavior towards anything is based on imprinted experiences. In other words, our likes and dislikes, joys and fears, happiness and unhappiness towards an idea, thing or experience is always referred from these primary imprints. From there emotional responses are triggered reactions actualized.

Changing the Imprints of Anger on a Subconscious Level Transform Your Life with Eutaptics

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Reframing Life Problems Through Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

Upon understanding the things mentioned above, it makes it clearer that Eutaptics is leading edge process on how we can reframe problems in our lives. If we can take a few steps backwards and realize that the problems we encounter and consider to be living in are not permanent, it is changeable and in fact within our total control.

Changing the structure of our memories is the only way can solve our problems. Memories are not in solid state as it is encoded in the mind. In fact, they are compounded smaller pieces of information. Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting can change how these pieces are glued together by discharging the emotions each of them are linked with.

It is common sense that we cannot change the past, it is done. You can “will” your mind to letting go as much as you can of the entire memory. However, if your coping mechanism is stuck to the emotions linked with the imprints, there is a wide range of triggers that will make it seem impossible to let go. Hence, becoming a problem.

That is why Eutaptics memory reimprinting is not only a temporary tool, it is a way to truly solve your problems.

You can create a whole new version of you by changing the structure of your memories that lead you to live a problematic life.

Need Help Reimprinting a Very Bad Memory?

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