Matrix Reimprinting and Eutaptics: Is It Wrong to Change Memories?

Is it Wrong to Change My Memories?

The idea of changing your memories may seem uncomfortable at first. You may feel that it is in some way wrong to change memories, or that there may be repercussions. So, let’s look at what memories are, how they affect our lives, and what happens when we make changes to them.

One of the concerns some people have – and it is a natural one – is that they won’t be themselves if they change their memories. And there is a certain amount of truth in this. However, it is not as dramatic as it may seem. Our memories determine our beliefs, the way we see the world, our perceptions and our perspective. More than that, they determine our reality and the results we see in life. The reason for this is that memories are the records that the subconscious refers to in guiding us in our decisions, responses and actions.

Now, if you are currently happy and getting what you want out of life, then of course those beliefs, perceptions and perspectives are working well for you – and you certainly won’t want to change them. If, however, you are not happy with what you are currently experiencing in life, then it is well worth changing those beliefs, perceptions and perspectives in order to receive the results you do want. Find out what happens to the brain when using Eutaptics.

What Does This Mean?

If you are holding a memory of something that happened to you in the past, that has been interpreted by the subconscious to mean that you are unworthy of being loved, it will be affecting every relationship you have. Your subconscious will be referring to that memory before prompting your brain to signal your organs to produce chemicals. These chemicals will cause the emotions that will trigger your conscious mind to make decisions, take actions and respond in a way that will keep you aligned with that “truth”.

If you keep the memory as it is, you will continue to see the same results. You could try to make different choices consciously, but your subconscious will do everything it can to keep you aligned to what it considers to be the truth. The memory is considered “proof” and the job of the subconscious is to keep you in alignment with that proof. Your subconscious controls you through your emotions by controlling the chemical state of your body. Since the feelings in your body that produce your emotions are much more powerful than your conscious thinking, it is very difficult – and at times impossible – to go against them.

The only reliable and effective way to change the feelings that affect your choices, responses and actions is to change the original record the subconscious is referring to – the memory.

What Happens When You Change Memories?

Changing a bad memory is like changing the cartridge in a printer. You get what you hold. In order to change the results you’re experiencing in your life, you need to change what’s inside – you need to change the records (memories) that your subconscious is using for reference. You can’t experience different results if you keep the same records. That would be like expecting the pages coming out of a printer to be in color when the printer only has a black and white cartridge installed.

So, changing your memories doesn’t change who you are at your core; it changes what you experience. Changing the ink cartridge doesn’t change the printer; it changes what comes out of it. If you’re happy with the life you are living right now, then there’s no reason to change your memories. If you wish your life were different in some way, then you do need to change the bad memories that are producing the results you are currently experiencing.

An Example of the Effects of Changing a Bad Memory

If you have a memory (and you may not remember it consciously, it could be a subconscious memory you’re unaware of) of being made a fool of in school – an event where you felt stupid – your subconscious may have interpreted that event as “proof” that you are stupid. Remember, the subconscious knows nothing about the real truth, good or bad, right or wrong – it only processes what it receives, and interprets it according to the other records it holds. In other words, everything you experience is filtered through what your subconscious has already recorded as “truth”.

This means that as you go through your life, your subconscious is constantly referring to this “proof” that you are stupid, and then prompting the brain to signal the organs to produce the chemicals that create the feelings of being stupid. Your conscious mind is completely oblivious to this process of course; and so all it is aware of is the feeling of being stupid. The job of the conscious mind is to reason using logic, and assign meanings and thoughts to the feelings. As a result, you will find yourself hesitant to make choices or take actions that you would if you did not have the belief you were stupid.

The Results

The results can include: not achieving goals you set; being unable to learn or comprehend as well as you could; being unable to live up to your potential; feeling depressed; not even bothering to learn things you would love to learn; feeling sensitive to being thought of as stupid; and interpreting comments from others as meaning they think you’re stupid (even when this is not the case). There are so many more possibilities; and they will be unique to each individual based on their specific life experiences and the records held in their subconscious.

If you were to change that original memory – the memory you have of being made to feel stupid in school – you would change the “proof” held in your subconscious, which would in turn result in your subconscious prompting your brain to signal your organs to produce different chemicals. And these would make you feel different emotions. Get the information on the science and truth about Eutaptics here.

Let’s say you flip the memory so that instead of being made to feel stupid, you are praised for being clever. Once that memory is properly flipped, your subconscious would have “proof” that you are clever. From then on, when your subconscious references that record, it would prompt your brain to signal your organs to produce chemicals that make you feel confident. The knock-on effect of this would cause you to make different choices, take different actions, and relate to others differently. It would affect every area of your life: your working and business life; your social and personal life; your leisure, hobbies and life ambitions; and your health.

What about Accuracy?

The truth is: your memories are not necessarily accurate anyway. They are not like using a camera. Your experiences are filtered through your own perceptions and perspective. This means you are not remembering what happened; you are remembering your experience of what happened. The fact that this “evidence” is not needed in court or to maintain records of history means there is no need for you to keep the memory as it is. Since the only purpose that memory is serving is to affect your current and future life experience, you may as well choose something that you want rather than remaining at the mercy of what you don’t want in life.

The Power is with You

The power to choose what you experience in life is in your hands. You can choose to leave the printer printing black and white, or you can choose to change the cartridge to color. Whether you see black and white pages or color pages is entirely dependent on your decision to leave the cartridge as it is, or to change it. The results you experience in your life depend entirely on your decision to leave your bad memories intact, or change them to what you want.

There are no “memory police” – it is entirely your choice to change your memories or not.

You have the power. It’s your decision to use it, or not.

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  • October 24, 2016

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